Most Points, One Game

NMJC/Frank Phillips College  Feb. 27, 1992  152-119

Most Points, Half

NMJC/Frank Phillips College  Feb.27, 1992  87

Most Personal Fouls, One Game

NMJC/Western Oklahoma  Jan. 7, 1980  45

Fewest Personal Fouls, One Game

NMJC/Abilene Christian JV  Nov. 11, 2008  9
NMJC/Miramar Naval Air Station  Nov. 22, 1991  10
NMJC/Clarendon  Jan. 16, 1992  10
NMJC/McLennan C.C.  March 10, 1998  10

Most Rebounds, One Game

NMJC/Midwestern University JV  Dec. 4, 1970  87

Most Rebounds, One Season

Offense 810, Defense 896  1980-81  1,706

Most Field Goals, One Game

NMJC/College of Artesia  Feb. 9, 1968  64

Most Three Points Field Goals, One Game

NMJC/Frank Phillips  Feb. 15, 1989  18

Most Free Throws, One Game

NMJC/Brookhaven  Nov. 1, 2008  52

Most Field Goals, One Season

Attempted 2734, Made 1363  1994-95

Most Free Throws, One Season

Attempted 992, Made 671  1969-70

Biggest Margin of Victory

NMJC/Abilene Christian JV, 67 points  Nov. 11, 2008  104-37

Worst Defeat

NMJC/Aquinas Junior College, 47 points  Jan. 2, 1994  74-121

Best Defensive Game

NMJC/Abilene Christian JV, 37 points  Nov. 11, 2008  104-37

Best Offensive Average, One Season

Average 100.6  1969-70

Best Defensive Average, One Season

Average 73.4  1998-99

Longest Winning Streak

13 Games  1986-87
13 Games  1994-95

Longest Losing Streak

9 games  1979-80

Most Victories, One Season

30 Games  1994-95
27 Games  1991-92
27 Games  1987-88
26 Games  1986-87

Thunderbird Records

All Conference Players

Elmer Singletary1967-68
Lee Coleman1967-68
Andrew Pettes1968-69
Danny Whitlock1969-70
Willie Banks1969-70, 1970-71
Ben Garner1971-72
Donnie Jackson1972-73
Ricky Gibson1973-74
Mike Russell1974-75
Ron Doyle1975-76
Rod Camp1978-79
Mike Smith1981-82
Charles Prescott1981-82
Dennis Johnson1982-83
Kenny Smith1982-83
Mike Richmond1983-84
Derrick Hill1984-85, 1985-86
Eddie Newell1984-85
*Richard Hollis1985-86, 1986-87
Johnnie Hilliard1986-87
Rodney Jones1986-87, 1987-88
Marshall Taylor1987-88
Willie Hartsfield1987-88
Marc Thompson1989-90
Reggie Collins1989-90
Will Scott1990-91
*Greg Brown1991-92
James Inman1991-92
Dell Savage1991-92, 1992-93
Sonny Alverado1992-93
Terrence Fitzpatrick1993-94
Shawn Baker1993-94, 1994-95
Lenny Holly1994-95
Derrick Perry1994-95
Ken Sims1995-96
Harry Allen1995-96
Micah Reed1996-97
Rupert McClendon1996-97, 1997-98
Jerome Brown1997-98
Rafi Stevens1998-99
Anthony Harley1999-00
James Felder1999-00
Kemar Burrowes2000-01
Ryan Chancler2000-01
Anthony Slater2000-01
Victor Colon2002-03
Bret Ward2002-03
James Horner2002-03
Kareem Lloyd2003-04
Fred Campbell2003-04
Karim Telfer2003-04
Louis Benson2007-08
*Player of the Year 

All Region V

Charles Criss1966-67
Willie Banks1967-68
Ben Barner1970-71
Ricky Gibson1971-72
Mike Russell1973-74
Rod Camp1978-79
*Richard Hollis1986-87
Rodney Jones1987-88
Will Scott1990-91
*Greg Brown1991-92
Dell Savage1992-93
Sonny Alvarado1992-93
Shawn Baker1994-95
Lenny Holly1994-95
Ken Sims1995-96
Rupert McClendon1997-98
Rafi Stevens1998-99
James Felder1999-00
Kemar Burrowes2000-01
Ryan Chancler2000-01
Anthony Slater2000-01
Tareick Leach2001-02
Victor Colon2001-02
Bret Ward2002-03
Kareem Lloyd2003-04
*Player of the Year


Richard Hollis (National Player of the Year)1986-87
Greg Brown1991-92

Most Points, One Season

Richard Hollis8101986-8730 games27.3 avg.
Charles Prescott8171981-8232 games25.5 avg.
Charles Criss7991966-6727 games29.6 avg.
Rodney Jones7951987-8833 games24.1 avg.

Most Rebounds, One Season

Mike Russell5611974-7529 games19.3 avg.
Jeff Roberson5211980-8132 games16.3 avg.
Richard Hollis4711986-8730 games15.7 avg.
Rodney Jones4631987-8833 games14.0 avg.

Most Free Throws, One Season

Charles Criss2141966-67272 attempted
Marc Thompson1781989-90225 attempted
Dennis Johnson1771982-83220 attempted
Charles Prescott1671981-82224 attempted

Most Field Goals, One Season

Rodney Jones3501987-88586 attempted
Charles Prescott3251981-82568 attempted
Richard Hollis3181986-87595 attempted
Charles Criss2991966-67489 attempted

Most Three-Point Goals, One Season

Ken Sims921995-96268 attempted
Shawn Baker791993-94212 attempted
Ryan Chancler782000-01185 attempted
Louis Benson772007-08 
Shawn Baker741994-95191 attempted
Richard Hollis671986-87146 attempted
Lenny Holly661994-95191 attempted
Greg Brown611991-92118 attempted
Duke Rousse611992-93170 attempted

Best Free Throw Percentage, One Season

Lee Lewis93.8%1974-7545/48
Ryan Chancler90.2%1999-0037/41
Ryan Chancler88.7%2000-0186/97
Ronnie Black88.6%1978-7962/70
Richard Pettigrew86.4%1976-7757/66

Best Field Goal Percentage, One Season

Will Scott69.7%1989-90108/155
Russell Adams68.8%1989-90213/317
James Inman68.9%1991-92194/282
Thomas McKnight68.8%1991-9264/93

Most Assists, One Season

Marshall Taylor3471987-88
Mike Smith3451981-82
Greg Brown2791991-92
Anthony Slater2732000-01
Mike Smith2661982-83
Junior Hutchings2591975-76

Most Consecutive Free Throws, One Season

Eddie Newell471984-85

Most Points, Single Game

Charles Criss vs. Lubbock Christian CollegeDec. 7, 196647
Richard Hollis vs. Dixie CollegeNov. 21, 198645
Richard Hollis vs. Eastern UtahNov. 22, 198645

Most Rebounds, Single Game

Mike Russell vs. College of GanadoNov. 18, 197531
Jeff Roberson vs. Odessa CollegeFeb. 28, 198031

Most Free Throws, Single Game

Ken Sims vs. Lon Morris CollegeNov. 25, 199422
Charles Criss vs. Howard CollegeDec. 9, 196618

Most Free Throws in a Row, Single Game

Charles Criss vs. Howard CollegeDec. 9, 196616

Most Field Goals, Single Game

Mike Russell vs. Odessa CollegeJan. 13, 197519
Charles Prescott vs. Sul Ross University JVNov. 17, 198119

Mosts Assists, Single Game

Anthony Slater vs. Clarendon CollegeJan. 15, 200126
Mike Smith vs. Howard CollegeJan. 22, 198221
Marshall Taylor vs. El Reno Community CollegeNov. 27, 198720

Most Three-Point Field Goals, Single Game

Louis Benson vs. Western Texas CollegeFeb. 21, 20089
Shannon Wood vs. Frank Phillips CollegeFeb. 15, 19898
Richard Hollis vs. Rose State CollegeJan. 10, 19877
Louis Benson vs. Clarendon CollegeFeb. 25, 20087
Louis Benson vs. South Plains CollegeFeb. 28, 20087

Most Points, Two Seasons

Willie Banks1191 Points58 games20.5 avg.
Charles Prescott1180 Points65 games18.2 avg.

Most Rebounds, Two Seasons

Jeff Roberson848
Ben Garner806

Most Free Throws, Two Seasons

Marc Thompson295/378
Rafi Stevens290/435
Willie Banks247/413
Greg Brown240/293
Charles Prescott218/310

Most Field Goals, Two Seasons

Donnie Jackson523/1069
Ben Garner503/955

Most Three-Point Field Goals, Two Seasons

Shawn Baker153/403
Ken Sim142/416
Ryan Chancler128/306

Highest Average, Two Seasons

Richard Hollis24.5 average46 games
Willie Banks20.5 average58 games

Most Assists, Two Seasons

Mike Smith61159 games
Marshall Taylor50060 games
Greg Brown48764 games
Anthony Slater47056 games
Marc Thompson44863 games

Best Free Throw Percentage, Two Seasons

Ryan Chancler89.1%1999-00-01121/138
Lee Lewis87.6%1973-74-7585/97
Eddie Newell84.9%1983-84-85158/186

Best Field Goal Percentage, Two Seasons

James Inman65.0%1990-91-92330/508
Thomas McKnight64.9%1991-92-93172/265
Terrence Fitzpatrick64.1%1992-93-94311/485
Russell Adams63.9%1988-89-90306/479
Chris Birden63.8%1989-90-91309/484

Thunderbird Highlights

Thunderbird Leading Career Scorers

1.Willie Banks1191 points58 games20.5 avg.
2.Charles Prescott1180 points58 games18.2 avg.
3.Donnie Jackson1167 points59 games19.8 avg.
4.Elmer Singletary1145 points58 games19.7 avg.
5.Mike Richmond1130 points63 points17.9 avg.
6.Richard Hollis1129 points46 games24.5 avg.
7.Ben Garner1128 points59 games19.2 avg.
8.Rodney Jones1110 points60 games18.5 avg.
9.Dell Savage1092 points61 games17.9 avg.
10.Reggie Collins1080 points62 games17.4 avg.
11.Mike Smith1064 points59 games18.0 avg.
12.Ricky Gibson1053 points59 games17.9 avg.
13.Ron Doyle1045 points59 games17.7 avg.
14.Ken Sims1021 points71 games14.4 avg.
15.Kenny Smith1009 points63 games16.0 avg.
16.Greg Brown990 points64 games15.5 avg.
17.Will Scott986 points49 games20.1 avg.
18.Derrick Hill982 points65 games15.1 avg.
19.Marc Thompson970 points63 games15.4 avg.
20.Ricky Green953 points60 games15.9 avg.
21.Shawn Baker946 points60 games15.8 avg.
22.Harry Allen922 points71 games13.0 avg.
23.Derrick Perry899 points68 games13.2 avg.
24.Rafi Stevens892 points61 games14.6 avg.
25.Doug Beaty887 points71 games12.5 avg.
26.Jeff Roberson874 points57 games15.3 avg.
27.Rupert McClendon859 points60 games14.3 avg.
28.Craig Walker819 points65 games12.6 avg.
29.James Inman815 points59 games13.8 avg.
30.Pete Lewis813 points64 games12.7 avg.
31.Charles Criss799 points27 games29.5 avg.
32.Mike Dawson799 points60 games13.3 avg.
33.Frank Bagley784 points63 games12.4 avg.
34.Chris Birden774 points63 games12.3 avg.
35.Mike Russell772 points29 games26.6 avg.
36.Rod Camp765 points56 games13.7 avg.
37.Kemar Burrowes765 points56 games13.7 avg.
38.Russell Adams756 points63 games12.0 avg.
39.Terrence Fitzpatrick756 points58 games13.0 avg.
40.Kirk Eubank740 points62 games11.9 avg.
41.Jack Toone739 points59 games12.5 avg.
42.Eddie Newell724 points65 games11.1 avg.
43.Clark White719 points62 games11.6 avg.
44.Andrew Pettes715 points56 games12.8 avg.
45.Gerald Watson715 points57 games12.5 avg.
46.Jerome Brown701 points61 games11.6 avg.
47.Al Massenberg684 points58 games11.8 avg.
48.Dennis Johnson681 points32 games21.3 avg.
49.Brian Russell667 points61 games10.9 avg.
50.Willie Hartsfield658 points63 games10.4 avg.
51.Eddie Daniel647 points60 games10.8 avg.
52.Ryan Chancler645 points56 games11.7 avg.
53.Shannon Wood634 points63 games10.1 avg.
54.Bob Vincent627 points57 games11.0 avg.
55.Sammy Smith627 points55 games11.3 avg.
56.Louis Benson622 points  
57.Ronnie Black613 points60 games10.2 avg.
58.Lenny Holly605 points34 games17.8 avg.
59.Jeff Hannah595 points50 games11.9 avg.
60.Lee Coleman591 points31 games19.1 avg.
61.Danny Whitlock580 points37 games15.7 avg.
62.Henry Jackson564 points52 games10.8 avg.
63.Duke Rouse559 points45 games12.3 avg.
64.Micah Reed480 points28 games17.1 avg.
65.Wallace Williams476 points33 games14.4 avg.
66.Sonny Alverado449 points29 games15.5 avg.
67.Elgren Green447 points29 games15.4 avg.
68.Ben Goodwin445 points26 games17.1 avg.
69.Johnnie Hilliard442 points26 games17.0 avg.
70.Richard Jenkins440 points27 games16.3 avg.
71.Ben Hill417 points28 games14.9 avg
72.Charles Hailey416 points26 games16.0 avg.

Forty-Point Club

Charles CrissLubbock ChristianDec. 7, 196647
Richard HollisDixie CollegeNov. 27, 198645
Richard HollisEastern UtahNov. 28, 198645
Charles PrescottSul Ross JVNov. 17, 198645
Mike RussellPanola Junior CollegeJan. 6, 197544
Rodney JonesMidland CollegeMarch 4, 198843
Louis BensonNMMIDecember 3, 200743
Charles CrissFrank Phillips CollegeNov. 18, 196642
Mike RussellSouth Plains CollegeFeb. 3, 197542
Mike RussellOdessa CollegeJan. 13, 197542
Louis BensonFrank Phillips CollegeJanuary 10, 200842
Louis BensonWestern Texas CollegeFebruary 21, 200842
Will ScottNew Mexico Military InstituteFeb. 21, 199141
Ken SimsIndian Hills Community CollegeJan. 1, 196641
Elmer SingletaryOdessa CollegeDec. 10, 196740
Willie BanksHill Junior CollegeMarch 4, 197140
Charles PrescottMidland CollegeDec. 12, 198140
Rodney JonesMidland CollegeDec. 10, 198740
Ken SimsLon Morris CollegeNov. 25, 199440

Thirty-Point Club

Charles Criss15 times1966-67
Richard Hollis11 times1985-87
Mike Russell9 times1974-75
Willie Banks7 times1969-71
Rodney Jones6 times1987-88
Donnie Jackson6 times1972-74
Charles Prescott6 times1981-82
Elmer Singletary5 times1967-68
Will Scott5 times1990-91
Ben Garner5 times1971-72
Dell Savage5 times1991-93
Mike Richmond4 times1982-84
Louis Benson4 times2007-08
Ricky Gibson3 times1973-74
Dennis Johnson3 times1982-83
Charles Hailey2 times1968-69
Kirk Eubank2 times1978-79
Ricky Green2 times1979-81
Jeff Roberson2 times1979-81
Mike Smith2 times1980-82
Joe Wray2 times1988-89
Greg Brown2 times1991-92
Duke Rouse2 times1992-93
Sonny Alverado2 times1992-93
Terrence Fitzpatrick2 times1993-94
Lenny Holly2 times1994-95
Ken Sims2 times1995-96
Lee Coleman1 time1967-68
Andrew Pettes1 time1968-69
Danny Whitlock1 time1969-70
Ronnie Brinker1 time1970-71
Fred Johnson1 time1970-71
Mike Dawson1 time1971-71
Ben Goodwin1 time1972-73
Ron Doyle1 time1975-76
Dennis Morgan1 time1977-78
Al Massenburg1 time1977-78
Gerald Watson1 time1977-78
Rod Camp1 time1978-79
Jeff Hannah1 time1980-81
Frank Bagley1 time1983-84
Craig Walker1 time1983-84
Derrick Hill1 time1985-86
Johnnie Hilliard1 time1986-87
Steve White1 time1987-88
Henry Jackson1 time1987-88
Shannon Wood1 time1988-89
Marc Thompson1 time1989-90
Russell Adams1 time1989-90
Reggie Collins1 time1989-90
Byron Williams1 time1990-91
James Inman1 time1991-92
Shawn Baker1 time1993-94
Reggie Johnson1 time1993-94
Harry Allen1 time1995-96
Alex Reynolds1 time1996-97
Rafi Stevens1 time1997-98
Brian Russell1 time1998-99
Kenny Tate1 time1998-99
Anthony Harley1 time1999-00
Ryan Chancler1 time2000-01
Victor Colon1 time2001-02

Former Thunderbirds Who Have Received Basketball Scholarships to Continue Their Education

Charles CrissNew Mexico State University, Atlanta Hawks
Elmer SingletaryIona University
Wayne ThompsonWayland Baptist University
Lee ColemanHoward Payne University
Charles HaileyMcMurry University
Andrew PettesOklahoma University
John HarrelsonHighlands University
Elgren GreenNew Mexico State University
Danny WhitlockUniversity of Texas at El Paso
Willie BanksEastern New Mexico University
Ben GarnerWichita State University
Jack TooneGannon University
Brian UntchCorpus Christi University
Mike DunnOklahoma Christian University
Jerry TrujilloHighlands University
Ricky JordanUnited States Military Academy
Ricky GibsonNew Mexico State University
Donnie JacksonNew Mexico State University
Sammy CarrascoEastern New Mexico University
John PapaLubbock Christian University
Mike RussellTexas Tech University
Jesse CleaverDallas Baptist University
Steve SmithHighlands University
Al MassenburgEastern New Mexico University
Chief BridgeforthEastern New Mexico University
Kirk EubankUniversity of Hawaii
Rod CampSouthern Illinois University
Kyle EvansAngelo State University
Gerald WatsonCameron University
Ronnie RodriguezCollege of Santa Fe
Jeff RobersonUniversity of Texas at El Paso
Ricky BlackWestern New Mexico University
Pernell GibbsSouth Carolina State University
Steve WelchBaylor University
Charles PrescottSul Ross University
Ray FloydSul Ross University
Mike SmithTulsa University
Kenny SmithAngelo State University
Wallace WilliamsEastern New Mexico University
Harvey CampbellSul Ross University
Mike CrudderHighlands University
Mike RichmondUniversity of Texas at El Paso
Avery JohnsonSouthern University, San Antonio Spurs
Eddie NewellEastern New Mexico University
Tom ShukittUniversity of Texas at El Paso
Derrick HillNew Mexico State University
Osby KingLubbock Christian College
Shelby ReevesCameron University
Craig WalkerUniversity of Tennessee (Martin)
Richard HollisUniversity of Houston
Harold WrightWashington State University, Denver Nuggets
Patrick HomerCornell University
Adam HillLubbock Christian University
Rodney JonesUniversity of Illinois
Marshall TaylorTexas Tech University
Willie HartsfieldYoungstown State University
Matthew YatesNorfolk State University
Doodle WoodsTarleton State University
Jeff WilliamsTarleton State University
Shannon WoodBrigham Young University (Hawaii)
Will ScottUniversity of New Mexico
Chris BirdenGeorgia Southern University
Marc ThompsonNew Mexico State University
Byrone WilliamsUniversity of Alaska - Anchorage
Reggie CollinsWest Texas A & M
Russell AdamsWest Texas A & M
John BartlesonNew Mexico State University
Greg BrownUniversity of New Mexico
Ara BatenEastern New Mexico University
Chris WrenEastern New Mexico University
James InmanUniversity of New Orleans
Pete LewisUniversity of Oklahoma
Willie JacksonTarleton State University
Bryce KargerCollege of Idaho
Thomas McKnightUniversity of Texas-El Paso
Dell SavageSouthern University (New Orleans)
Sonny AlveradoUniversity of Texas-Austin
Travis LoganHardin-Simmons University
Larry MayoWestern Carolina University
Lenny HollyArizona State University
Doug BeatyGeorgia Southern University
Harry AllenThe University of Memphis
Derrick PerryRider University
DeWaune WesleyUniversity of New Orleans
Ken SimsUniversity of Southern California
Larry AyusoUniversity of Southern California
Micah ReedTexas A & M University (Kingsville)
Exie WeathersWestern New Mexico University
Brandon RidenourEastern New Mexico University
Albert CrockettYoungstown State University
Rupert McClendonLoyola Marymount University
Rafi StevensState University of West Georgia
Jerome BrownUniversity of Colorado-Colorado Springs
James FelderNew Mexico State University
Kemar BurrowesTexas A & M-Corpus Christi
Ryan ChanclerFurman University
Donald FlemingUniversity of Arkansas of Pine Bluff
Anthony SlaterFlorida Atlantic University
Victor ColonDakota State University
Jason GantGeorgia College
James HornerLubbock Christian University
Louis MartinezSt. Edwards University
Donald CogdellMassachusetts College
Ronald HughesLubbock Christian University
Alvin ThomasDrury University
Fred CampbellUniversity of Central Arkansas
Karim TelferAugusta State University
Kareem LloydBoise State University

Former Thunderbirds and the NBA

Charles CrissAtlanta Hawks, San Diego Clippers, and Milwaukee Bucks
Andrew PettesDraft choice of the Kentucky Colonels
Mike RussellDraft choice of the Kansas City Kings
Rod CampDraft choice of the Seattle Supersonics
Mike RichmondDraft choice of the Dallas Mavericks
Harold WrightDenver Nuggets
Richard HollisDraft choice of the Dallas Mavericks
Avery JohnsonSan Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Seattle Supersonics, Houston Rockets

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